$480 profit SIFY Long Stock

Entry comments: New FCC approval https://fccid.io/Q5A-SMAC3 no PR yet, could spike into the close, goal is to make 10-20%, speculative though, small $ position size

Exit comments: Zzzzzz, got a little spike, but not enough volume to really go crazy into the market close like I wanted, potential re-buy only on better strength, probly needs the PR to really pop, worth a shot though still

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gefpall Jul 18, 3:31 PM

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gefpall Jul 18, 3:32 PM

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[TimChallenge] Mark here are my positions in SPY. They are 2 separate spreads that add up to one position: -1 SPY 100 18 OCT 19 282 PUT +2 SPY 100 20 SEP 19 306 CALL -1 SPY 100 18 OCT 19 295 PUT +3 SPY 100 18 OCT 19 294 PUT -1 SPY 100 20 SEP 19 300 CALL


[TimChallenge] please keep out of chat we dont trade overall markets at all here, only stocks with solid setups


$810 profit TTCM Long Stock

Entry comments: I'm back in on the intraday and now multi-day breakout, congrats to all longs, goal is to make 10-20% on further spiking later today or tomorrow

Exit comments: Sorry its 450,000 shares not 45k shares, typo, stock was moving fast, now hitting my goals despite no clear catalyst, taking profits along the way, nearly $2k in profits for me on the day, $2k keeps the real job away!

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ZenTrader1991 Jul 18, 2:21 PM

2k a day keeps the corporate job away, some day in the near future will be true for me! Thanks

keyark2004 Jul 18, 2:21 PM

way to go thats awesome. i banked 85 dollars earlier today in again for ankther 20 percent if possible smlk acount started with 1500 down to 1000 now but keep cutting my losses if need be for small losses just need to work on winning more and bigger

jh1188 Jul 18, 2:22 PM

That's the goal....just seeing if TTPH will make a move or not

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