$509 profit VUZI Long Stock

Entry comments: New big spiker today, first green day on big volume, former runner, solid news of facial recognition for law enforcement https://tim.ly/2KGodKA could have legs, worth a shot overnight given dip off highs but still holding gains, goal is to sell in the low 3s on gap up or morning spike

Exit comments: ?I gave it some time, but it's not doing much so I'm taking the small but disappointing gain as it was over 3 afterhours yesterday but I'll take it and not risk it, bigger better plays out there today

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VeryBigMoney Jun 11, 4:34 PM

You should just wait a bit. It was working great later on in the day. I know... cut losses quickly What do you think will happen tomorrow with $VUZI ?

Grimes Jun 13, 5:29 PM

@VeryBigMoney lol you're joking about waiting a bit right. stock bottom at $2.68 he would have been down a rack. never hold and hope. all love

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