$522 profit MCIG Long Stock

Entry comments: First green day former Supernova on this OTC with new contract news, buying the intraday breakout, goal is to make 10-20%, not sure if I'll hold overnight or not, wanted to buy later, but it just keeps going

Exit comments: Hit my goals so no need for overnight hold and lately these kinds of stocks have been running in the afternoon then failing to gap or morning spike so I'll gladly lock in my single here and not have the risk since it's already up 100%+ today, potential rebuy if it comes down before the close to lower the risk, big congrats to https://tim.ly/jkniche for nailing this play first in the .03s

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LtATorres Jan 18, 11:11 AM

I'm thinking of working Saturdays for awhile so I can take off a day during the week for trading. My only choices are Tues and Thurs for now. Do you have a favorite trading day?

Windwalzer Jan 21, 6:01 PM

This one had a big supernova in 3/2014 then smaller ones in 2017 and 2018. The volume at 1:48ish was you intraday time?

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