$1,170 profit BUDZ Long Stock

Entry comments: Former weed Supernova now spiking into the close on the entire sector move, goal is to sell in the .50s or .60s, not sure if I'll hold overnight, cut losses if it can't close strong

Exit comments: Got a little run but nothing much for a Friday end of the week runner so I take small profits and play it safe, see Friday video I tweeted looking for much bigger runner into the close, didn't get it so I take my single

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nyguy718 May 22, 4:01 PM

@BigT good luck if ur just blindly following alerts.

delgadobobbie May 22, 5:41 PM

I had a feeling like 2 weeks ago the weeds were gonna go up again ... seen a few of them going up a little bit more n more everyday....knew something was comin

Windwalzer May 22, 9:19 PM

Do you use a % or price change to find or be alerted when the volume changes before the spike? Thank you for your time.

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