$1,929 profit VDRM Long Stock

Entry comments: Rebuying this insane Supernova, small size due to the risk but this looks like it can keep going so goal is to sell in the .03s or .04s tomorrow

Exit comments: PERFECT gap up and no day trade used, PERFECT http://tim.ly/fgdotc2 pattern, learn it, love it, onto the next now, not going to be greedy

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ProCritikal Jan 17, 6:37 PM

@TraderGal28 always adjust your limit as the price moves & be prepared for when the trade does go against you using the level 2. Give yourself some wiggle room, don't try to sell at the exact price on these fast moving stocks

ProCritikal Jan 17, 6:41 PM

@gbarr216 in this case for your question, outstanding shares don't matter, it's the trading volume for that day. VDRM traded huge amounts of volume making that amount of shares reasonable as VDRM was highly liquid. You don't want to be more than 10% of the trading volume as you will influence the price & have trouble getting in & out quickly

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