$824 profit QNTA Long Stock

Entry comments: Partial fill on this morning spiker up on this positive Cancer PR https://tim.ly/3uzmkmG thx STT Breaking News, goal is to sell in the .08s or .09s, could be fast, morning spies are in news

Exit comments: Out for small gains, it got up to the .08s, but couldn't hold it, weak spike given the news and trend lately so I'll just play it safe just in case

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reeper77 Apr 08, 9:36 AM

Tried getting in this morning QNTA moved to fast plus using iphone on road.

Pakuts76 Apr 08, 11:13 AM

Learning to get out quick. Good move.

obadiahxl Apr 08, 3:44 PM

I see how you're enjoying Dubai

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