$3,741 profit BMR Long Stock

Entry comments: Partial fill on big dip off the highs in the $34s, goal is 5-10% bounce, could be fast, small position just to be safe, what an incredible runner this is, cut losses if no bounce as its scary too

Exit comments: WOW, what a gorgeous bounce, now into the 24s so I sold too soon...wish I had gotten bigger position, but also scary and moving too fast, another solid day now for me even though I severely underestimated it, just taking the opportunities now into big intraday panics only

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MichaelAllen Feb 12, 12:11 PM

Congratulations! I am working with a really small acount $187, i bought 30 shares at $6 and sold at $19…..literally within 15 minutes it was up over $30, oh well 3X my money. Its one step at a time. Thanks Tim for your guidance. Respectfully, Michael Allen Hobson

tupuad Feb 12, 12:13 PM

Thanks Tim. Great job Michael Allen!

slim6 Feb 12, 1:54 PM

i cought the news this morning and didnt buy. i could have bought around 3.25

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