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BobbyQuenzel Nov 30, 6:01 PM

I will have more patience and wait for better panics than that choppy panic from CLNV, better dip buy on GSTC but my coworker miss placed his key, and I had to come save the day so I could not trade and I missed that opportunity.

jandmglen Nov 30, 6:01 PM

I will have more patience. Great lesson Tim!

RobertRiggs Nov 30, 6:05 PM

Dumb ass incompetent CLNV promoters didn't realize you were losing. I will have more patients and learn from your screw up. Thanks for the lesson Tim.

penpen Nov 30, 6:11 PM

I will have more patience

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$225 profit GTII Long Stock

Entry comments: Trying a dip buy on this big runner today, lots of shorts involved, goal is to sell for 5-10% bounce, small position though since its speculative

Exit comments: Taking a little win here just to lock in the gain and so I can make an important video lesson about alllll I did wrong today, and students you better ask some solid questions today 4-6pm EST in my webinar, sooo much to learn from today's trading!

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tupuad Nov 30, 1:40 PM

Thanks Tim! Good lesson here.

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