Please retweet/favorite this https://tim.ly/2kgb0gS the asshole DCGD promoters are saying I shorted the stock, if you've been following my trades/video lessons for weeks you know that I've only been buying breakouts/dips, I despise liars

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$744 profit DCGD Long Stock

Entry comments: I rebought since it failed to go red on the day and already had some upside potential spike into the .70s, would love a quick respike to the .70s again too

Exit comments: Very nice, hit my goals, I'm not gonna be aggressive on this stock as its burned me int he past, just taking singles, a few hundred bucks adds up

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MHanapi Sep 13, 11:39 AM

Sir.how do you differentiate between that the spike fake out in DCGD. I mean if it were me i would wonder if the spike is temporary . I dont understand that it didnt hit red on the day

BGoddard Sep 13, 2:21 PM

Yes I understand thanks Tim

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TinCup72 Sep 14, 8:04 AM

Yes I Understand. Thanks Tim, get some rest.

GooniesTrader81 Sep 14, 10:13 PM

Yes, I understand. I traded this stock and made 9% ($70 after commissions) on the second bounce. Missed last 50% bounce from $0.40 to $0.60 due to being in meeting. On to the next.

TradingMama Sep 14, 11:13 PM

Yes, I understand! Thank you for being real.

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kelii1318 Sep 13, 7:28 AM

So good! Thanks Tim! I love the stock comparison to see a similar pattern to DCGD, love that. Thanks Tim.

IsaacYu Sep 13, 8:01 AM

Awesome analysis, Tim. Really helpful as I'm trying to get better at dip buying. Thanks.

INRosales13 Sep 13, 8:56 AM

I tried dip buying DCGD with no plan! Broke all the rules as holding and hoping became a strategy. Cut losses at .61 from 1.08. Live and learn...quick

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