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Kingsalini May 23, 8:47 AM

Good mental food as always GuruYoda!! I love newbie shorts!!

bobbythek May 23, 8:47 AM

Love those newbie shorts!

redwagonrider May 23, 8:47 AM

I love newbie shorts. I took another huge loss on CRSM over the last 2 days. didn't hold to my plan, and dip bought way to early, then rebought still to early. I had a chance to get out for a small loss, but I didn't see the writing on the wall saying the volume had dried up. take the small loss. this stock is going nowhere as it has in the past. big lesson, I will keep learning and studying. back to small position sizes.

calvinw May 23, 8:47 AM

I love newbiw shorts, but would love them more if I could catch their spikes ;)

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Please congratulate Mark Croock and his $11,000 profits today on OBLN and while he says its luck, I find the harder a person studies the luckier they get :)

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$172 profit PUFXF Long Stock

Entry comments: Former runner with nice contract this morning its spiking already so I grabbed some, goal is to make 10-20% on more spiking

Exit comments: Zzzzzzz going nowhere fast, like all morning spiker wannabes today it seems so I exit and play safe and wait for something moving more

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bjbala May 22, 10:01 AM

Quick action no hesitation

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