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kate_lansdown Jun 22, 4:53 PM

I appreciate your time and dedication to us. I very much enjoy the time you spend on personal growth and mindset. Your comment at the end of the webinar to choose to be the trader you want to be. I no longer want to be abstract so I'm setting a small goal to help me get to the big picture..

DDT Jun 22, 11:52 PM

Thanks Ellis.

momofwallstreet Jun 22, 11:54 PM

"If I could overcome, do that there, then I can do overcome and do that here too. I didn't think that I could be that person, but I became and now I can become in this space of trading too". So much great technical trading information and motivational information in this webinar. Thank you, Ellis.

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$478 profit AREB Long Stock

Entry comments: I was trying to be done for the day but this thing just faded so much, I have to dip buy a little as it'll likely bounce 5-10-15% so its worth it...sometimes the best trades you don't search for, but they present themselves. Cut losses if no bounce though, I could be wrong still

Exit comments: Taking this nice little wallet pad to end the week +$12k and more than +$6k today, mostly on AREB...will do video lesson this weekend reviewing al m trades today, just on absolute fire left and right, selling well into strength too. Hasve a great weekend!

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Congrats to all those with solid profits/lessons this week, endless opportunity to learn AND earn and if you didn't earn this week, the lessons you learn will lead to earnings in the future so you cannot lose if you stick with it and stay patient...have a great weekend!!

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Not only did I profit nicely on AREB but I called support and the push over .80...sometimes you're just in the groove, that's me right now :)

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