$260 profit ALPP Long Stock

Entry comments: Former Supernova spiking on earnings that just came out https://tim.ly/334J8N0 already up 40%+ so I'm taking small $ position, but could run more, not sure if I'll hold overnight, goal is to make 10-20% into the close

Exit comments: Got my goals, no need to hold overnight since it's up a ton and these stocks haven't been gapping up as much lately, a few hundred bucks was nice, but I'm even happier so many students nailed it in the chatroom before me, thank you to everyone who alerted me to this late day play

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($150) loss ADXS Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this speculative runner that's closing near day highs on a strong first green day with breakout volume...goal is to make 7-15% selling afterhours or tomorrow morning as more people should see this move and want to pile in as this low priced niche has been hot lately...nothing huge, but if I can sell .55-.60 I'll take it, cut losses quickly if wrong, same rules as always to protect myself

Exit comments: Not closing strong at all, small losses are fine, onto the next, potential rebuy if it can break .53 day highs tomorrow morning too for possible followup spike but this one is choppy

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matthewwhitell Nov 18, 3:40 PM

I got in at .42 nice to see I got in and then you did. Feel like I'm doing something right

Kriminator Nov 18, 9:51 PM

I was thinking about the breakout levels at.45 but I was too busy to get in. Thanks for helping me solidify my thoughts.

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CrazyWillows Nov 19, 5:18 AM

THAT WAS AWESOME!!! WOW I got so much good info from that, on key elements of my own trading that I have overlooked!! Thank you so much Tim for sharing this with us...

Tradale Nov 19, 10:58 AM

great video Tim, have a great day with your little one!

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GrmnWondrBread Nov 16, 7:07 PM

Executed my buy at $ASTC beautifully on the fake morning panic. I couldn’t sell fast enough to clear 10%. Ended-up selling at 3.6% profit 3 hours later. Totally watching AIHS for Monday. Hoping for a sharp downtrend followed by a slight reversal to $1. Company looks super sketch in the great scheme of things. But at an 11 float...I can’t bitch.

marquestocknbonds Nov 17, 2:42 PM

Interesting, i think after last week. I’m looking at XNET long.

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($160) loss ASTC Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this former Supernova spiking big early on this news of their product being deployed at Miami airport https://tim.ly/33NzLCG its run big in the past, already hit the 1.80s today, goal is to sell into those highs or maybe even new highs too, cut losses quickly if wrong since this is a speculative stock

Exit comments: Weak bounce so I'm out with small losses, rule #1 cut losses quickly, still could bounce but scary stock

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