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DDT Aug 13, 10:37 AM

Watched live. Great webinar soo much knowledge and insight. Thank you.

LeeHunt Aug 13, 4:04 PM

Thanks Tim X2 and Lukas amaizing stuff! Watched live and rewatched again .Great stuff Going through the mindset and journey of lukas was pretty cool!

trader_98250 Aug 14, 1:23 AM

Thanks Tim and Tim Lento. Love the analysis.

mitnick2 Aug 14, 9:46 AM

Super amazing webinar - definitely one of the best I have seen in a long time. Learned so much from Lucas who I never even heard about before. Wow! So many good lessons and so much inspiration. There are so many good points in this video and it is worth rewatching it numerous times. Thanks for bringing ShortBear on @timothysykes

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timothysykes Aug 13, 4:25 PM

@26R_COLE awesome, glad you understand....this is one of the best lessons out there!

LeeHunt Aug 13, 5:58 PM

I will use my small account to my advantage!! Thanks Tim!

Sidewayztoprofits Aug 13, 6:17 PM

I will use my small account to my advantage! Thank you Tim for the risk management lesson, perfect timing for me.

trader_98250 Aug 14, 12:08 AM

Thanks Tim. I'm trying to use my small account to make small profits or cutting losses quickly

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$34 profit BLFR Long Stock

Entry comments: Small speculative trade on this big spiker with merger news lets see if it can really go more, goal is to make 10-30%, could be fast given how this play moves, worth a shot but small $ amount since its speculative, STT Breaking News play

Exit comments: Out for basically breakeven, not enough volume to really get to the .10s like I wanted so just playing it safe, worth a shot in this crazy market but OTCs continue to underperform

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Daniela777 Aug 11, 9:47 AM

Great video! I need to trade smaller and not worry about gains and losses so much. Just practice, practice, practice. - Thank you Tim

gadick Aug 11, 10:39 AM

Great video, learning more every day., a series of small gainers all adds up. Thanks

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-$120 loss FAZE Long Stock

Entry comments: I'm also dip buying this huge recent runner on a solid $5/share dip off its highs, another test, but solid intraday panic, goal is to sell in the $17s

Exit comments: No bounce here so rule #1 cut losses quickly, still getting used to this play's choppiness, it's intense, but good practice for me since this is the niche with the best uptrends right now

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$440 profit CSSE Long Stock

Entry comments: Dip buying this big runner on the day near support, solid dip off the highs, really just practicing trading choppy/higher priced stocks too since they're so popular right now, goal is to make 20-40 cents/share on the bounce, cut losses if no bounce

Exit comments: This one bounced PERFECTLY, such a good lesson for me, this is the kind of play I can size up into next time

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$364 profit PRRY Long Stock

Entry comments: I'm buying this news runner off its day highs of .0108, goal is to sell back there or maybe it can even break to new intraday highs, goos risk/reward on such a big dip and breaking news play too

Exit comments: Whewwww, what an awesome runner, I should've gone bigger, still getting used to this solid bull market trading environment, nice change from a few weeks/months ago

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8Munstercheese Aug 10, 12:06 PM

Thanks Tim. I've been taking a string of big losses. I need to cut losses more aggressively than I trade. I also need to wait for the right catalysts and approach better setups. I got stockstotrade BTW. Loving the safety course.

001CP Aug 10, 10:31 PM

Thanks Tim

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