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DDT Aug 13, 10:37 AM

Watched live. Great webinar soo much knowledge and insight. Thank you.

LeeHunt Aug 13, 4:04 PM

Thanks Tim X2 and Lukas amaizing stuff! Watched live and rewatched again .Great stuff Going through the mindset and journey of lukas was pretty cool!

trader_98250 Aug 14, 1:23 AM

Thanks Tim and Tim Lento. Love the analysis.

mitnick2 Aug 14, 9:46 AM

Super amazing webinar - definitely one of the best I have seen in a long time. Learned so much from Lucas who I never even heard about before. Wow! So many good lessons and so much inspiration. There are so many good points in this video and it is worth rewatching it numerous times. Thanks for bringing ShortBear on @timothysykes

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