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billychan May 23, 9:19 AM

I love newbie shorts, I am loving it ! Thank you Tim

kevn106 May 23, 9:24 AM

understanding why i should love newbie shorts. Thanks for the daily lessons! I'm relatively new to the challenge and have learned a lot but I'm realizing that I still have a ways to go. Huge thing for me is not being an emotional trader--gotta get it into my head to stick to the rules and adapt to the market!

rrdav7 May 23, 9:29 AM

I love newbie shorts!!

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MAParm May 23, 7:48 AM

Mornin’ Thanks Tim

PocketPAT May 23, 8:53 AM

I'll be keeping that First Green Day strategy in mind. 1) Solid FGD, 2) Catalyst (ideally news), 3) OTC (to avoid overnight gap downs), 4) Sell into opening spikes. "It works more times than not."

PocketPAT May 23, 8:54 AM

LMAO "freight trains". Hilarious.

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