$9,177 profit YOD Long Stock

Entry comments: Sold my longterm position into this spike for small gains, rebought for the short-term into this spike created PURELY by a Seeking Alpha PRO article which should come out next week entitled "The Netflix of China"...pure hype but it could run given how hot NFLX is and how YOD does have huge potential...don't chase it though, gotta see if it can break 3.25-3.30 resistance to really fly, goal is to make 50 cents/share

Exit comments: I tried to give it time premarket, but lots of sellers at 3.50ish, just not comfortable trusting Seeking Alpha buyers even though this could still spike, I made me $10,000 here so I'm happy...congrats to all longs since my buy alerts in the 2s, potential re-buy on any dip or if it this really catches fire, I just don't like big sellers at every penny, makes me nervous...nervous trading is good

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Stirletz Feb 08, 14 6:14 PM

hey man how did you know yesterday that this article was going to come out?

Stirletz Feb 08, 14 6:48 PM

And do you think there will be time to get in in the morning?

ala2010 Feb 08, 14 8:14 PM

Stirletz ive been watching this stock for a couple of weeks and along with the "netflix of china" hype disney and marvel did offically announce last week that they did expand why YOD another catalyst

Vicente Feb 09, 14 8:30 AM

What platform do you use ? Your charts look so clean ,,

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$442 profit CTRL Long Stock

Entry comments: Added to my longterm position with a short-term one as this spiked all the way to nearly 23 already today, goal is to sell over 22 again, support should be at $21ish so good risk/reward, wished I had a bigger position, but not gonna chase this choppy stock

Exit comments: Nice 50 cents/share buying the breakout on the dip, still holding longterm position, but this was easy given the price action, all live for my http://tim.ly/sykesmc students congrats to all longs short-term and longterm on this!

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Dawg_Paw Feb 10, 14 7:51 AM

hey bankkeen am new also

Dawg_Paw Feb 10, 14 3:49 PM

I think price action is no indicators, just reading the price. Make a decision base on just price. I was trading futures b4.

bankkeen Feb 10, 14 4:05 PM

yeah i was in futures options b4

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$1,247 profit GLUU Long Stock

Entry comments: Buying this earnings winner due to the growth of mobile gaming, nice intraday breakut too, this might run for a few days like when FB first reported great mobile revenue growth, not a fast mover so even though my execution stinks, I have too much going on, catching up from funeral/family days off, probly could've gotten a better entry price by 5-10 cents/share but I want to buy before the market close for probable spike/gap up tomorrow to the low 5s

Exit comments: I took the easy $1,000 overnight profits, probly goes up more but I'm not good with stocks that trade this much, move so little and are this choppy intraday, I like locking in safe profits too much...gotta know yourself and that's why I'm a millionaire...congrats to all longs overnight, I wished there had been some more analyst upgrades so we could get a bigger up move but I'll take this at 8:15am EST

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Batmann Feb 06, 14 4:26 PM

Me too at pm 3.30 ;) for 4.70 this is good !

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-$370 loss CTRL Long Stock

Entry comments: Stock is showing signs of bottoming right at former high of $20.90ish, still $11 /share off its highs, fast growing home automation sector, competitor NEST got bought out for billions, ELON is spiking too, this is right at technical support, not much risk, goal is to sell for $1-2/share gains today/tomorrow/early next week, also buying long-term due to great risk/reward

Exit comments: Out for small loss, it might still bounce, but I don't like how its been unable to breakout past 20.90 let alone resistance at 21 and day high at 21.20...I might re-buy but this stock has let me down so many times, I'm playing it safe, just holding small longer term position

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Slarve Feb 06, 14 10:47 AM

How about the liquidity of this stock pick? Looks like it's traded in the thousands, pretty low volume?

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