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Fne May 21, 18 11:02 PM

Story stocks are heavily traded and hyped , further stock goes up, it will correct hard , spike, drop, consolidation, potential breakout or gap .. after red days you can have gap ups=weed stocks act differently

axlk Nov 12, 18 5:51 AM

Thanks Michael

Matthew46 May 22, 21 8:53 AM

Thank you Michael!!!! $1000 Michael said he would do the Zumba dance

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-$7,197 loss UPI Long Stock

Entry comments: Rebought for probable breakout over 4.65 morning resistance either into the close today or more likely next week, goal is to close strong and sell in the high 4s or even 5s next week as it spiked $1.50/share at the open today, all I want is 30-50 cents/share profit here

Exit comments: Sold into partial bounce but solid loss for me, IB software issues didn't help, I'll explain in a video lesson later today, gotta cut losses quickly when wrong

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$5,183 profit UPI Long Stock

Entry comments: Bought this earnings winner today on a dip, day high is in the 5.20s so I expect it to head back there today or next week...BIGTIME morning spike potential as you saw today, good to buy it way off its highs to reduce risk

Exit comments: NICE mid-day strength, resistance right around here in the 4.60s though so I'm taking safe profits, I'll look to re-buy on a big dip or near the market close, God I LOVE buying earnings winners, they perform well if you time it right

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ravmanrlz Jan 24, 14 12:11 PM

You are right, Tim big fan, thanks for changing the game and helping others!

mestisoz Jan 27, 14 9:02 AM

Kicking myself in the butt for not buying this on the morning DIP. Went down to $4.00 and gaining support around $4.20.. Just couldnt pull the trigger fast enough :( Thats what I get trading from an IPAD lol

2SiK Jan 28, 14 7:14 PM

tim said stop being so lazy lmaaao lmao he always makes me laugh

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$1,068 profit MEET Long Stock

Entry comments: Bought this recent earnings winner on a dip off its mid 2s revenues surging faster than anyone expected, lots of problems, but I think one more piece of good news could spike it to the high 2s or even 3s, also bought some long-term

Exit comments: Sold out for puny gains because its not doing much and I gotta focus on my UPI and try to recoup losses there, still holding longterm MEET

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$4,816 profit YOD Long Stock

Entry comments: Chinese Netflix, could run to over 3 given Netflix surging today, risk being a Chinese company though

Exit comments: Sold the rest at 2.93, disappointing trade, didn't run as much as I wanted, but glad I could do it all live in front of students, GREAT live trading webinar showing how to trade stocks like MEDL/YOD

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