Read this outloud https://tim.ly/2TeB1uW and retweet if you understand how shady companies are, putting out PRs to spike the stock then raise $ at "a discount" to the pumped up prices due to their PRs :P:

MomsTrade2 Oct 21, 2:06 PM

Newbie here trying to understand this type of action. They have 110M shares of volume with 6M float (for public trading). Pumped up the stock in the last few days with PRs and stock went from 1.7 up to 6's, (likely 'insiders' sold a shit ton for a 3X profit or more) and price dropped back down to 3. Now they announce an additional 7.8M shares for sale at $2.30 finalizing on Oct 23. Does that mean the stock is going to drop down below 2.3 in the coming days, then spike when the shares hit th

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$1,050 profit WKEY Long Stock

Entry comments: STT Breaking news contract with Allscripts https://tim.ly/3ociy0j huge credibility, this has run in the past, goal is to sell i the 7s, could be quick

Exit comments: Zzzzzz, midday non-big spiker, this news is solid but nobody seems to notice it or care like I thought they would so I'll just take small profits and not get greedy

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Kobischka Oct 21, 12:23 PM

if the news is in play , its not going anywhere until more news is released and it may compound. some times there is delayed movement.

Windwalzer Oct 21, 4:54 PM

Nice runner. Thank you for the lesson.

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