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26R_COLE Dec 01, 3:33 PM

Thank you for the video lesson Tim. I'm just trying to become successful and financially independent

fmcgurk001 Dec 01, 3:38 PM

Where are you finding these trading ideas?

kFox49 Dec 02, 12:44 PM

Thanks Tim! I have no desire to short sell during supernova season. Short sellers getting fomo. Short newbs are getting destroyed. Also most likely new to day trading. They are trading the current market backasswards.

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MUST SEE NEW LESSON: please read this in its entirety and retweet it too: as it's my longest tweet ever, but it's also the most important tweet in quite a while as it's supernova season and I want you to truly and retweet that if you want me to write more blunt/long tweets like that, hopefully i can open your mind up!

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