$3,375 profit TTCM Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this augmented reality stock popping on the debut of their app today, screenshots look cool https://tim.ly/2LiQkRg also a multi-month cup and handle, mind you this is a small $ size for me since it's a sub-penny stock which I usually stay away from, but big % move on big volume and a catalyst that should spread over the weekend, good find by our chatroom, thanks guys, will do video lesson over the weekend on it too

Exit comments: MASSIVE gap up, nice to sell into, congrats to all weekend longs!

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Hal3000 Jul 15, 10:29 AM


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$850 profit VVPR Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this earnings winner thats consolidated well at 2ish, goal is to sell near premarket highs in the mid 2s

Exit comments: I'm out for nice profits, now up to 2.30, maybe it goes more, but I'll take my $1k

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fastback Jul 12, 12:10 PM

Just getting started here and trying to grasp the concepts and watch the trade examples. Tim some of your trades are much faster than I expected but it's good to see how it works.

LClay48 Jul 12, 1:58 PM

Hi Tim. I joined your Multimillion Dollar Challengeback in January. I am still studying. What pattern did you look for in this specific stock? What were you thinking as you were watching this VVPR?

blainematthew Jul 12, 10:04 PM

so, basically, due to the earnings winner that was consolidating off of its premarket highs near 2 a pretty important fat round number with nice volume could at least test the premarket highs with it breaking it as best case scenario. Along with it being a friday and shorts don't like to hold over the weekend the indicators that told you to get in the trade? If so I believe im starting to catch on a bit.

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