$1,125 profit VTNR Long Stock

Entry comments: Dip buying this runner, has earnings tomorrow, should be good, should scare shorts out but I'll probly sell in the next few hours if I get my bounce to limit risk, all I want is 50 cents/share bounce

Exit comments: Got a little bounce but not as much as I wanted with the smallcap market surging 2%+, better dip buy would've been RDNT earnings winner or KNDI earnings winner from today, lesson learned

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Zachtrade May 13, 14 11:52 AM

Turns out that VTNR didn't shoot up today after all! Short position yesterday turned out well haha

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Christopher613 May 13, 14 8:21 AM

No owes anybody ! Be grateful be thankfully appreciate people including your mom !

Christopher613 May 13, 14 8:23 AM

Money is just a tool not God or life - use it to bless others and to do what you love and live free !

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