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McBain Apr 12, 14 4:52 PM

These webinars are always great, it sucks that I can't watch the evening ones live (I work for 3-11). But I always watch the replays once I get out of work.

Bmoney03 Apr 12, 14 8:51 PM

These webinars are awesome! I wish I could watch them live but still very helpful

Urat0wel Jul 08, 14 2:05 AM

Peter Dinklage is the man

Flockstock Jul 02, 17 10:44 PM

Don't average down .. It is a tough way to make money and risky, but if an earnings winner is down 30% of its highs, it should rebound.. Doubling up is dangerous , earnings winners are sometimes choppy

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$930 profit MDBX Short Stock

Entry comments: Reshorted on the mid-day bounce, small position though since I'm shorting midrange, will look to add to position on bigger bounce or cover for profits ont he way down, the threat of the expose coming, the technical breakdown and COO quitting should help this panic some more, but its not an exact science

Exit comments: Not taking out the day lows so I'm not gonna risk a Friday afternoon squeeze just in case, taking small profits

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summerzzzry Apr 13, 14 11:11 PM

Tim what tools do you use to look up and analyze the chart? Thanks

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$4,365 profit MDBX Short Stock

Entry comments: Reshorted after the COO quit this morning, this tweet meaning a new expose is coming likely next week & the stock took out 23.80 two-month support, goal is to make $1-3/share, same author who I shorted ICLD at 10.60 due to his expose before it dropped to the 6s

Exit comments: Got my $1/share goal, could drop more, but mid-day trades are scary, I only shorted because of that tweet that just came out about a new expose coming

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McBain Apr 11, 14 1:34 PM

Great trade Tim! I would've been in this trade as well if Sure Trader could get my application through. Would you recommend Interactive Brokers over Sure Trader if you had a $12,000 account? Or would you use Sure Trader to avoid PTD rule?

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EAGLE_TRADERs Apr 12, 14 1:04 PM

Thanx Tim I agree. I'm happy to have you as a mentor

McBain Apr 12, 14 5:21 PM

@timothysykes From an economic prospective you have to wonder how much longer this artificial demand expansion brought on by Fed stimulus policies can last? If our economy is 70% consumption, it means that a rise in interest rates would come down hard on an economy that's dependent upon cheap credit and massive amounts of debt. I don't see much more upside from here unless Janet Yellen decides to push rates into negative territory (which she has been in favor of in the past).

oops47 Apr 13, 14 10:00 AM

Great rules and lesson Tim.

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jassie78 Apr 10, 14 4:18 PM

@Aphex1000 I haven't opened a broker account yet but hope to soon. The questioned you asked regarding the broker is same as mine. I haven't tried the one week trial Sure trader and didn't think much off it regarding the easy of use and live support. They just give you a youtube video link. I'm sure the broker must be ok for Tim to say they have been good to him. I spoke to E-trade and they said to short sell you have to open a specific account called margin account, can you confirm this Tim?

jassie78 Apr 10, 14 4:20 PM

Hi Tim, is it best to buy on the open but wait for dips before you buy? And if you have the right parameters buy stock alert before close of market? hope for spikes. Can you explain how do you know if the market will spike up or down when market opens?

taylor177 Apr 10, 14 6:51 PM


Ronlal Apr 12, 14 1:37 AM

Where do you find contract winners

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$294 profit BV Long Stock

Entry comments: Straight from today's watchlist, this is breaking to new day highs about 7.57 on news of them selling their division which caused them government issues, still in the hottest market sector, this should help government case to be decided in late April, resistance at 7.70, but after that not much til 8 so my goal is to make 30-40 cents/share, not much downside risk, kinda like MY, hopefully it moves up more than that one though

Exit comments: No gap up/morning spike so just like MY failure I get out QUICKLY, learn to be methodical like this

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PeeOn Apr 09, 14 5:13 PM

@skrubtrader Don't focus on "market sector," crap company or fairy tale story, etc. Focus on the individual stock and why is has potential. Plan your entry. If you can't get in @ the price you feel is best, be PATIENT. My order filled @ $7.61 several hours later (SureTrader) which was perfect for me. You will be OK on your short, however, because you know where this rocket ship is going right after the Moon......Patience.......

Imi75 Apr 10, 14 3:16 AM

@PeeOn Hi, I saw you're a new subscriber too. How's Suretrader, cos I've heard they're not great?

trigman Apr 10, 14 10:30 AM

Wow, Tim you saved my bacon. Was in BV at $7.67 and thought we'd be banking with BV at $7.80. Couldn't figure out what was happening when the market opened and bailed on BV at $7.54 after your alert. Small loss, big lesson!

PeeOn Apr 10, 14 6:38 PM

Imi75: They were OK until they updated their platform. Their "new" web platform (level 1) would not work for me. I could log-in but not place trades. Even DAS tech could not figure out what was going on. I had to upgrade to the level 2 platform. We will see if it works? Market closed now.

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$2,050 profit GOGO Long Stock

Entry comments: As I said in chat I might buy given the contract with Air Canada today, this is at the bottom of its recent range, if it starts spiking on this news, it can jump $1-2/share quickly, good risk/reward although by no means a gimme given the chart pattern

Exit comments: Got a nice breakout past the day high and it could keep going, but I'm taking my nearly 50 cents/share and going as I don't trust this stock, now 19 as I type this so played it a bit too safe again, but more important to teach u to buy contract winners on intraday dips

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bedoyas Apr 09, 14 10:15 AM

I was right on my computer while you called this trade. excellent work.

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