$2,933 profit GBLX Short Stock

Entry comments: Re-shorting this blatant pump as it collapses, shorting on decent, goal is to cover into panic tomorrow under 2, ideally the mid to high 1s, CLASSIC http://tim.ly/sykestrades setup here, my high net worth broker has shares to short

Exit comments: Didn't get the big crack below 2 I wanted, maybe later today, but I'm not risking it since it has bounced big in the past

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$1,832 profit SUMR Long Stock

Entry comments: Bought this earnings winner on the dip as I said in watchlist, goal is to sell in the mid 3s int he next few days, remember how fast it can spike

Exit comments: Got a nice secondary spike, best case scenario for my short-term, still holding longterm, +$2k makes me feel nice, congrats guys, nothing huge, but still useful

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window52 Jun 04, 14 11:31 AM

Brilliant call exiting at the top. Curious, knowing it will fall why did you not short?

ekotr Jun 04, 14 11:37 AM

Why size of brokerage commission are very different? of your deals from 0,00166 up to 0,177 per share

alepelo Jun 04, 14 11:39 AM

How much commission did you pay for that trade???

PolisB Jun 04, 14 1:34 PM

Awesome trade Tim, I sold at $2.97 for over $1,200 gain! Loving life right now! #challenge

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1fishtop Jun 04, 14 8:57 PM

It seems like your EARLY ALERTS are mostly old news and leaves those of us just getting started fighting for scrapes and hope of catching one piece of meat we can take a real bite of every now and then.

timothysykes Jun 04, 14 9:00 PM

@1fishtop what's an "early alert"? all i do is try to trade the same patterns as i've always traded and taught openly, ANYONE can predict my trades ahead of time, change your attitude

tradeDawg Jun 05, 14 1:48 AM

@timothysykes Just as I have learned from a great book about a stock operator and my short 6 weeks into the world of trading; "people don't want to think for themselves and they just want to be told what to trade" . This aint gonna me!! Learning to trade the patterns is what its about.

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($3,053) loss LIVE Short Stock

Entry comments: Shorting on lack of gap up, no SSR, if it crack 4 I wanna cover in the mid to high 3s

Exit comments: Lost $3k gotta cut losses, didn't get the crack of 4.10 that I needed, playing it safe as this stock can spike as we all know, be careful shorts, video lesson coming

gil Jun 04, 14 12:29 PM

you lost 11 cents times 20000 shares = $2200, right?

gil Jun 04, 14 12:35 PM

I saw your video , I didn't know you include fees

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