[TimChallenge] yess i did sell because of L2 at 6,33$ but I almost sold like you at 6,25 then 6,29 then i told myself, freakin earnings winner can always run give it more time... and i was expecting some traders on twitter to jump in with 6,50$ level on mind but didnt happened and missed that emotional drop because i have issues with my IB software, i have to refresh my charts every time with $JRJC only dont know why...


[TimChallenge] got an order out to short $MDBX, only got 70 shares filled, nice bouncing ball pattern on a DCB..


[TimChallenge] out $JRJC +0.25c , lots of sellers, i should have more patience with it but took safe profit

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[TimChallenge] out of $CYTK - pissed off i made that mistake so i don't want to be in for the wrong reasons, let the frustration pass and look for proper plays.. was a small loss but made me miss a big win, costly mistake..


Just wanted to wish you a verrrrry happy holidays, it's been a GREAT year! Grab these special holiday sales & ASAP and please do take the time in chat to thank hard working students/moderators/mentors Tim G. and Michael G. Tim Lento, Chicago777 & Mark C for all their hard work and dedication to helping up and coming traders...let's make 2015 an even better year!

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