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Now, before you get too excited I need you to understand a couple of things; I’m not going to do everything for you – I won’t make the trade for you, that’s up to you.

But I tell you which stocks to watch and when to trade them… I even tell you which Stocks I’m actually trading and exactly when I trade them – few others do that.

Before I started with Tim I had never made money in the market. I got started last year and I am up $450,675. I now have more time to spend on the golf course.

- Erik W.
I’m sure you have heard this before…
"Give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and feed him for life. "

Well, I like Both... I Will Give You The “Fish”
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That way, you will have more fish than other traders. Oh, and I’m not some scrub who makes a hundred grand a year and had a couple lucky years trading.

I’m a self-made millionaire from my trading profits;
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I’ll let my performance do most of the talking. I’m not one to brag, but if you’re trading performance mirrored mine, this is what it would look like:

OVER $3 Million In Profits!

“ As of today my profits are around $50,000 since being a subscriber. I am extremely thankful. ”

- Asheya Burton
My Name Is Tim Sykes; I Turned $12,415 of
Bar Mitzvah Gift Money Into $3,850,000

I Did All That and NEVER Traded Stocks like Google, Apple, or even Microsoft. I have exposed a small, ignored, and virtually unknown Goldmine in the Stock Market.

It’s not just me that banks huge gains from my niche,
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If you aren’t serious about making an extra $20k, $50k, even $100k
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That’s what I want you to shoot for…Why? Because those are just average gains of my students.

I’m not asking you to hit home runs on every trade; I just want you to do what my average student does. Is that too much for me to ask of you? I hope not!

“ I’m up $40,000 just by trading Tim Sykes’s alerts! ”

- Jermey S.

“ Thanks Tim for the teaching! $24,600 profits in May, never dreamed I'd be making that much that quick! Couldn't have done it without you! ”

- Tim G. "kroyrunner"

How can my trading students statistics be so good, if they are just the averages?

Like I said, I pretty much do everything for you. Each night I tell you which stocks could be the best plays, during the day I alert you on the best trading opportunities on individual stocks, and I even teach you everything I know that has made me a millionaire.

I’m the biggest name in penny stocks because of my student’s success and their consistent profits. I’m motivated to make you successful because it gives me even a better name in the media.

Big gainers are alerted daily in my members only chatroom… Check this out!

" Since I have been a subscriber I am up from $3,500 to nearly $104,000, and am working full time. The lessons I’ve learned through your video lessons & trade alerts have enabled me to profit. "

- Robert Lawrence
Let me reveal the virtually unknown goldmine I’ve been talking about…
My Goldmine...
Micro and Small Cap Stocks – Better Known as Penny Stocks.

Now that I’ve revealed my goldmine, let me ask you a question. Does it really matter what type of stocks I trade and which strategy I use if my students have made millions from my strategy and stock picks?

I hope you answered no! The “secret” to wealth is finding something that makes you profits and do it over and over again.

I should warn you that trading penny stocks can be very risky – sorry to ruin the mood and bring up the words “very risky” but it’s true. There is huge up and downside to trading penny stocks…and guess what, I make money off both the up and downside.

Look at the potential in this Penny Stock chart
(if you trade it right!)

I typically trade stocks priced anywhere from .10 up to $5 a share (occasionally even higher). I avoid the risky super cheap penny stocks.

Trading Penny Stocks Using my Strategy and Trade Alerts Works Well For Smaller Trading Accounts.

The reason why penny stocks can be so risky is because of the volatility. 50%-100% gains in penny stocks happen almost daily…but so do 50%-100% losses.

I make bank off both the gains on the losses! Bull or bear market I don’t care. I have made millions trading penny stocks on the way up and on the way down.

“ Because of Tim Sykes I was able to leave my mundane job as an accountant and make a full-time living trading stocks. Thanks Tim, I’m now my own boss! ”

- Mark Croock "thehonestcroock"

“ When I first came across Tim Sykes I was deeply skeptical of his strategy. But Tim's strategy works - since June 2008 I have averaged trading profits of over $100,000 per year and I have been successful enough so I now moderate Tim's chatroom. ”

- Michael Goode "reaper"
How Do I Profit From Penny Stocks?
Penny Stocks move based on very predictable patterns, get my trade alerts &
nightly stock watchlists and it’s almost like having a license to print money!

For many reasons penny stocks are volatile. Like I said earlier, 100% gains and losses occur daily in penny stocks. You don’t see those kinds of gains or losses in any other segment of the stock market.

I bank off the gains and off the losses. In other words, I know exactly when to buy the stocks before or when they are shooting up for serious gains…I can recognize the “top” of the stock, so I can lock in solid profits. I also “short” the stocks. That means I make money on the trade when the stock is going down.

Penny stocks have predictable patterns; they shoot up in price (sometime a few hundred percent) and then typically crash within a few days.

It’s very important to “lock in” your profits. That basically means to sell if the stock is going up or cover your trade if the stock is going down. That will guarantee an easy profit!

In an ideal world it would be great to ride the stock for hundreds of percent’s but penny stocks can change directions fast. That’s why I’ll lock in my profits, then re-enter the trade if the pattern continues.

I showed this chart earlier, look how my students and I played it!
(These were actual real-time trade alerts)
See what I mean by “locking in” profits? Good!

A very important rule of mine… Don’t marry any stock! Lock in your profits from volatility and move to the next trade. Don’t be an investor, be a trader – you will make much more profits!”

Typical investors usually buy a stock or fund and hold it for months or even years…and if they’re lucky they breakeven after inflation and fees are factored in. Not Me!

Computer + Internet Connection + My Strategy = Lifestyle Upgrade

Whether you want to jump into trading an hour a week or full-time you’re in for a lifestyle upgrade. Maybe you want to provide for your family, pay for college, buy that new car, or travel the world.

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These two students joined not too long ago… Lifestyle Upgraded!

You don’t have to be stuck in a dead end job looking inside the walls of a cubicle all day for the rest of your life – Get started as a student of mine like so many thousands have already done and start making the difference in your life!

“ Using Tim's alerts can be a great way to learn for beginners. I have done quite well trading stocks and setups that he brought to my attention. I’m up $4.13 million thus far. ”

- Lx21
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