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Small Cap Millionaire - Longer term stock picks

Longer term stock picks, research and watchlists from multi-millionaire trader Timothy Sykes. This newsletter focuses purely on longs with no shorts. The holding period will range from days to months with no day trading. Tim has had several 50-100% winners in the recent past thanks to the bull market.
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1) How many stock picks will you put out?

It will vary depending on the market, but typically it will range from 3 to 6 stocks per month. I only want to take positions in stocks that I am comfortable holding for longer periods of time and I am very picky.

2) Will you only go long stocks?

YES! Shorting stocks is what I specialize in, but it's tricky and time consuming. Small Cap Millionaire's goal is to be easy and not take up too much of your time at all...let my team and I spend all our time on research and finding the best stock plays.

3) Will there be any high priced stocks or just penny stocks picked?

I prefer stocks in the $2-5/share range for maximum upside, but every now and then I might buy higher or lower priced stocks if the setup is solid and there's a great potential for the stock to spike

4) Will there be a chatroom?

No, chatrooms exist for short-term traders, subscribers will be able to chat with each other through comments on watch lists, video lessons and trade alerts, but there's no need to be chatting about longterm stock picks all day long, go live your life instead!

5) What will be included in the video lessons and video lesson library?

Video lessons will cover how my team and I research, our findings and any interesting tidbits about any of the stocks on our watchlist or stocks that are bought/alerted due to breaking news. Basically anything that we think will help you learn and profit more!

6) Why are there no monthly subscriptions?

Small Cap Millionaire aims to show you that great wealth and knowledge may be acquired through consistency and longterm dedication. No subscriber's education can be completed on a monthly basis, true stock market success takes time and so I will do everything in my power to help you understand this. I only want dedicated subscribers willing to learn and earn.

Sold $VUZI this AM in @1.95 out @$6.20 Thanks Tim Smallcap Millionaire paid off $22,600 profit Shyguy

I'm already up $14,000 in the first few weeks of 2013, nearly $6,000 on PAMT thanks to you Tim! Brandon B.

Tim, I am a subscriber. Made over $8k on your pick MITK. very active trader..love you service. Trading over 15 years.. Tarik G. Elsaghir

Tim, I made $2,000 on PAMT because of you, thanks! Mary Ann F.

Made $1,895 on ONVO, but I sold way to early..could've been $50,000+ Forest R.

I profited $1,595 on PAMT I love this find, thank you TIM!!!! Broomhill

+$3720 on NTE...great call of Tim due to his extensive research. He exactly predicted the price action but missed the timing. DWF