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Blackbright Mar 12, 18 2:44 PM

Always look at market-cap, because the smaller the market cap is the bigger potential does it have to move big % amounts. The better a company is fundamentally a short candidate the greater are the odds of a solid short squeeze. Make sure that you think of both ways before entering a trade, understand the short’s mentality so that you know what your opponent is doing. The main thing to look out for with OTC’s is the illiquidity since this often leads to it being hard to get out or in a stock.

ZiggysMom Apr 27, 18 11:32 AM

Noting to go through the motions, run scanners, check catalysts, charts. Know your risk/reward, market cap matters, illiquid stocks are hard to get out of, avoid stock with big gap downs on bad news

axlk Aug 29, 18 6:54 AM

Thanks Michael - good Webinar

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