$625 profit ADMP Long Stock

Entry comments: I'm buying this low priced biotech breaking out on some pumping and ridiculous price targets, thank you http://stockstotrade.com breaking news/social media search tools, will do video lesson on this shortly

Exit comments: Dumping this one for small gains to focus on GNUS better setup there

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Lukester May 13, 11:43 AM

Release the tutorial please so I can be informed before I buy stocks to trade!

Windwalzer May 13, 9:55 PM

I am understanding the trade lingo so much better with all the webinars, videos, and lessons. Now when I read or hear "breakout" I will look on the long term chart first instead of looking back a day or more and try to figure it out from there. What a breakthrough! This one showed a nice reversal pattern? Thank you so much for being a coach, mentor, teacher, and cheerleader.

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Had my best profit of the year and perhaps my best execution ever on $ADMP back in the groove with better Pattern selection and recognizing what is HOT any given day!

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alan316 Jun 17, 17 10:44 AM

amen keep up the great work. i'm starting to get them too.

TimeFliesBuy Jun 18, 17 1:53 AM

I'm making live trade videos too!

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Juanfriesen Jun 16, 17 9:22 AM

thank you and here we go again... hoping for a profitable day now that I have more time devoting to trade pennies for dollars

kgraves8245 Jun 16, 17 10:50 AM

Can you make a video on buying pre market and holding over night, Good and bad indications on both.. or point me to vid where u discuss these things. Thx Tim!

RICH_852 Jun 16, 17 11:11 PM

Great lesson coach! Thanks 👍🏼👍🏼

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