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tayhaoxia Apr 22, 11:45 AM

learn so much about bull flags and using ctrl f on sec filings awesome stuff and you are funny @TimLento

TimLento Apr 22, 5:28 PM

Trade Review, How do you find news?, What is Level 1, 2, and 3?, SPEX dilution example, ASTC flag pattern example, CYDY otc panic and bounce example, What does series A, B, C, D, etc. convertible stock mean?

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kcwonnersc May 08, 7:04 PM

I love the free live trading but I want to see you in action so we can see how you evaluate your trade in the first 10 minutes of the market open.

Sailesh May 10, 11:48 AM

i love small gains. thanks tim sir guru

MarkApp May 14, 8:50 AM

will take singles, not home runs

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truchee Apr 21, 2:15 PM

Hey Tim, the last teaching video was almost two weeks ago. Will we have another video uploaded soon? Is it possible to give a learning video roughly once a week instead of fortnightly?

truchee Apr 21, 2:17 PM

Tim, could you create a new series of brief learning videos on recent supernova patterns and best strategies to share with subscribers here?

Aly786 Apr 23, 6:32 PM

Where are you posting this stocks?? Still totally lost

Ohbengyn Apr 23, 8:22 PM

@Aly786 If you are a member of Supernova Alerts you should get a text message but an email also goes out. Time is essential so contact support to make sure you are on the text message list.

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