$1,890 profit ALYI Long Stock

Entry comments: Rebuying this electric motorcyle play since this whole sector is spiking and SOLO/AYRO/FUV went further than I thought, this is the cheapie of them all and it can run, goal is to make 15-30% today

Exit comments: Whewwww, nice breakout over morning highs, but I won't get greedy in this market, taking safe gains, congrats to all longs here and SOLO/AYRO too, hot sector

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Nenolynx Jul 02, 12:45 PM

Congrats on the smooth position stay blessed. I’ll definitely peep those moves.

Windwalzer Jul 05, 10:44 PM

That's a nice trade, in just a few minutes and you had a super sweet run. Thank you so much.

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$475 profit ALYI Long Stock

Entry comments: Partial execution on my buy on this lower priced electric vehicle play, we've see it run all day before, goal is to make 15-30%

Exit comments: No huge spike on this so I take my single here heading into midday, seems to be the theme today, smaller spikes you have to live with, adapt to the market

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Windwalzer Jun 29, 11:20 PM

I can see where you are trading before I look at your entry. I need to be able to do this while the market/chart is moving. It's easy on a still chart. Thank you for teaching us so aggressively to study and don't go for home runs just singles. You are the best!

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Daily recap here: https://tim.ly/2B3lcls $8k for me, playing wayyyy too safely on $ALYI , but congrats to everyone, how'd everyone finish up today?

JTRoberts Jun 25, 11:21 PM

I hesitated on first run up. Got in at .008 on second, once it broke through. Held through dip back .007 and ended up selling at .012 for a $489 profit and loving it! Really enjoying, and appreciating, all of your lessons in . I'm gonna have to earn my way into the challenge. Hopefully sooner than later! Thanks for all Tim!

JTRoberts Jun 25, 11:25 PM

So, I thought I messed up and left out PennySing Silver, so I tried to correct, but I see it will not allow me to write that out for some reason

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$3,071 profit ALYI Long Stock

Entry comments: Back in this winner that just keeps making new highs, first green day, much better close than TOMZ, goal is to make 10-20% probable gap up or morning spike

Exit comments: No big gap up and big run up from yesterday means I'll lock in safe overnight profits here, congrats to all longs, potential rebuy for me if it can continue breaking to new highs or a big morning panic

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Play005 Jun 25, 9:35 PM

I have a small position as well

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