$506 profit ALYI Long Stock

Entry comments: Recent runner testing multi-day highs on this new news https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/benzinga-and-interactive-brokers-announce-alliance-to-streamline-news-and-data-300788676.html goal is to sell for 10-20% profits possible breakout

Exit comments: Nice solid win on this speculative stock in an ugly overall market, maybe it goes more, but it looks toppy here in the mid .03s and I've found a groove taking singles with these low priced stocks, a few hundred bucks/day keeps the real job away!

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snakelegs Feb 07, 19 12:25 PM

I jumped in behind you and jumped out after you—15.88% profit. Building up the nest egg for the next trade! Thanks!

MaiTai Feb 07, 19 1:07 PM

Thank you.

Nanigirl Feb 07, 19 1:59 PM

Thanks Tim!!🤙🤙🤙🤙

aleon Feb 09, 19 7:06 AM

Great lesson

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tayhaoxia Mar 22, 4:42 PM

former runner OTC great runner. when your play fits your pattern it matters .small gains add up when you are trading the patterns well

timcobra Mar 28, 1:15 PM

Thanks Tim, If a stock has a bigger morning spike on day 2 then dip buy is a gimme. Dip buying an even stronger day 3 would then be an even surer gimme. I won't get too cocky though

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$470 profit ALYI Long Stock

Entry comments: Another multiday runner panicking midday, I had to take some, goal is to sell into 10-20% bounce, tough since its so low priced, but the pattern is ripe for a bounce, might be fast

Exit comments: Solid gain for me here, I'm REALLY comfortable with the http://tim.ly/sykesmorning panic pattern even though this was midday, definitely a potential re-buy ideally into a morning panic next week, but for now my goals have been hit so I take my profits

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DaveB_WI Feb 01, 19 1:37 PM

Stock dropped right after you sold

francomac Feb 01, 19 1:38 PM

SLAP= sounds like a plan!

PocketPAT Feb 01, 19 1:40 PM

Yeah, midday is too sketchy for my noob experience, but you nailed it! Lots of size, glad you were able to get out as it looked a little illiquid.

aleon Feb 02, 19 6:15 PM


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