[TimAlerts] $UNXL It seems Unpixel will be making screen parts for $APPL. Foxconn makes screen parts for Apple in China, and currently is working on setting a new plant in Shenzen. However, it is also looking to build a plant here in the USA to manufacture Apple phones. Do you remember when Trump met with technology guys? Well it seems Foxconn is looking partners to do parts. Here is the news I came across about Foxconn. http://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/foxconn-apple-prototype-plant/


[TimAlerts] Watch WATT into tomorrow. It's running due to rumors that it's tech is used in the iPhone7 which launched tomorrow. I'm hearing the rumors are bunk. It should tank tomorrow after $APPL announcement


[TimAlerts] to everyone thanking me for this info on the short on $APPL thank you for the kind words but this is all from TIm's teachings on earnings. I have to give him the credit for this teaching. Before coming here this was not a play in my bag of tricks


[TimAlerts] I'm confused how much WATT can go up on just a rumor (in the beginning) and yet $SHCAY barely moves and has no volume with a huge merger/bailout with a big company associated with $APPL. Can anyone help me understand this to me please?


[TimChallenge] Bought 50 contracts WATT 7.50 calls for 3.60 - will be holding these for few days as more hype on $APPL deal comes out


[TimAlerts] We had alot of runners today sort of hoping the market is back alive for the rest of the week, month and year makes the tech B/O actually work RGLS positive comment $TAXI earnings even WATT $APPL rumours are finally all worth something

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[TimAlerts] $APPL is just one of many companies. The solution is to incentivate them to bring their money back home. You think these companies wouldnt rather have their money here in the US where they can use it , instead of having it accumulate in unstable economies in unstable banks in foreigin countries ? The real question is, why are these companies willing to take that risk? Because of the 40% corporate tax rate. if you lower the tax rate, companies will WANT to stay, thus bringing more money into our

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[TimAlerts] But if it has a big enough morning spike you could short it because its not amazing news like a contract with $APPL

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