[TimAlerts] to everyone thanking me for this info on the short on $APPL thank you for the kind words but this is all from TIm's teachings on earnings. I have to give him the credit for this teaching. Before coming here this was not a play in my bag of tricks


[TimAlerts] I'm confused how much WATT can go up on just a rumor (in the beginning) and yet $SHCAY barely moves and has no volume with a huge merger/bailout with a big company associated with $APPL. Can anyone help me understand this to me please?


[TimChallenge] Bought 50 contracts WATT 7.50 calls for 3.60 - will be holding these for few days as more hype on $APPL deal comes out


[TimAlerts] We had alot of runners today sort of hoping the market is back alive for the rest of the week, month and year makes the tech B/O actually work RGLS positive comment $TAXI earnings even WATT $APPL rumours are finally all worth something

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