$1,450 profit ASTC Long Stock

Entry comments: Recent spiker spiking more on this tweeting about coronavirus test, goal is 3s for me, could be quick, In ASTC huge 1 minute corvid19 testing very soon and in drive thrus, hospitals, sporting events, and airports. Website about to go live they just got the name. Http://www.breathtech.com

Exit comments: Wanted the 3s, but big wall of sellers at 3, even as I type this, just broke out past 3, stock moving too fast for me to comment in realtime, just taking profits into strength, this one moves damn quick

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Windwalzer Apr 02, 11:59 AM

I didn't see this one on any of my screeners. I remember you saying to price around the whole dollar to help you get filled eazier. Nice chart with volume bars. Thank you again.

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Shorting these may seem identical if the short bounces because they both finished the day down without any bounce, So tomorrow I'm looking for a short into a morning bounce even if I get some better. ASTC MIGH BIVER THAT HE BEST JUN

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Please congratulate this great challenge student: 10:19AM Ronwhall: OMG I'm shaking so bad...$ASTC in for 1000 shares @ $3.71 out @ $5.88 for $2,174.00 my biggest win by double

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dharmeshssa Mar 25, 6:18 PM

Today I made my first profit I bought 200 ASTC at 3.52 and sold at 7.35

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Whether you're holding overnight on plays like TTOO going for morning spikes like $ASTC PRED XSPA or dip buying IMAC there are so many damn plays to learn from now so don't feel bad if you miss any, just keep learning!

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$83 profit ASTC Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this recent runner on new news of a contract for their security product on a dip off premarket highs in the 1.90s...remember this recently ran just a few days ago and it spiked a solid 50% from my dip buy then so I'm guessing traders will remember that spike and buy this near the open...would love to sell in the low 2s on a break of the day highs, remember it's a Friday morning so we can see more speculative spikes, small $ position though as I could be wrong, rule #1 cut losses quickly

Exit comments: Weak bounce near the open so maybe it won't run today, this is why I dip bought premarket to lessen my risk in case this happened, small win, potential rebuy if it can get enough volume/test day highs in the 1.90s

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Bobbemornee Nov 23, 19 3:17 AM

I missed your stream alert of ASLN, at 9:44 am! That was 150% profit within 2hours!

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