$1,450 profit ASTC Long Stock

Entry comments: Recent spiker spiking more on this tweeting about coronavirus test, goal is 3s for me, could be quick, In ASTC huge 1 minute corvid19 testing very soon and in drive thrus, hospitals, sporting events, and airports. Website about to go live they just got the name. Http://www.breathtech.com

Exit comments: Wanted the 3s, but big wall of sellers at 3, even as I type this, just broke out past 3, stock moving too fast for me to comment in realtime, just taking profits into strength, this one moves damn quick

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Windwalzer Apr 02, 11:59 AM

I didn't see this one on any of my screeners. I remember you saying to price around the whole dollar to help you get filled eazier. Nice chart with volume bars. Thank you again.

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Shorting these may seem identical if the short bounces because they both finished the day down without any bounce, So tomorrow I'm looking for a short into a morning bounce even if I get some better. ASTC MIGH BIVER THAT HE BEST JUN

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Please congratulate this great challenge student: 10:19AM Ronwhall: OMG I'm shaking so bad...$ASTC in for 1000 shares @ $3.71 out @ $5.88 for $2,174.00 my biggest win by double

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dharmeshssa Mar 25, 6:18 PM

Today I made my first profit I bought 200 ASTC at 3.52 and sold at 7.35

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Whether you're holding overnight on plays like TTOO going for morning spikes like $ASTC PRED XSPA or dip buying IMAC there are so many damn plays to learn from now so don't feel bad if you miss any, just keep learning!

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$83 profit ASTC Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this recent runner on new news of a contract for their security product on a dip off premarket highs in the 1.90s...remember this recently ran just a few days ago and it spiked a solid 50% from my dip buy then so I'm guessing traders will remember that spike and buy this near the open...would love to sell in the low 2s on a break of the day highs, remember it's a Friday morning so we can see more speculative spikes, small $ position though as I could be wrong, rule #1 cut losses quickly

Exit comments: Weak bounce near the open so maybe it won't run today, this is why I dip bought premarket to lessen my risk in case this happened, small win, potential rebuy if it can get enough volume/test day highs in the 1.90s

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Bobbemornee Nov 23, 19 3:17 AM

I missed your stream alert of ASLN, at 9:44 am! That was 150% profit within 2hours!

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($160) loss ASTC Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this former Supernova spiking big early on this news of their product being deployed at Miami airport https://tim.ly/33NzLCG its run big in the past, already hit the 1.80s today, goal is to sell into those highs or maybe even new highs too, cut losses quickly if wrong since this is a speculative stock

Exit comments: Weak bounce so I'm out with small losses, rule #1 cut losses quickly, still could bounce but scary stock

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$1,356 profit ASTC Long Stock

Entry comments: From watchlist and chat, insider buying, I just had to wait for volume for confirmation, hottest pattern around, aee VTVT, ALT, NIO, goal is to make 10-20%

Exit comments: Whew, what a rush, goal achieved, I won't get greedy with overall markets crashing, gotta be prepared as my watchlist should've helped you see this pattern/play ahead of time

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quantum Oct 10, 18 11:28 AM

I read your watchlist throughout and you didn’t mention $ASTC

RockRobster Oct 11, 18 2:00 AM

@quantum Today's Watch list mentions, "VTVT, FRLF, SAEX, NIO are the recent spikers due to big new investments." So if noticed that ASTC was spiking and then noticed the news you might have been able to cash in if you were quick.

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