($160) loss ASTC Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this former Supernova spiking big early on this news of their product being deployed at Miami airport https://tim.ly/33NzLCG its run big in the past, already hit the 1.80s today, goal is to sell into those highs or maybe even new highs too, cut losses quickly if wrong since this is a speculative stock

Exit comments: Weak bounce so I'm out with small losses, rule #1 cut losses quickly, still could bounce but scary stock

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$1,356 profit ASTC Long Stock

Entry comments: From watchlist and chat, insider buying, I just had to wait for volume for confirmation, hottest pattern around, aee VTVT, ALT, NIO, goal is to make 10-20%

Exit comments: Whew, what a rush, goal achieved, I won't get greedy with overall markets crashing, gotta be prepared as my watchlist should've helped you see this pattern/play ahead of time

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quantum Oct 10, 18 11:28 AM

I read your watchlist throughout and you didn’t mention $ASTC

RockRobster Oct 11, 18 2:00 AM

@quantum Today's Watch list mentions, "VTVT, FRLF, SAEX, NIO are the recent spikers due to big new investments." So if noticed that ASTC was spiking and then noticed the news you might have been able to cash in if you were quick.

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