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DannyLee Dec 05, 17 4:32 PM

seriously man, you're one of the funniest traders out there, 'telling her how bad I feel for all the people I killed.' Comedy and great webinar

asfricksrs Dec 18, 17 8:25 PM

Thanks Michael, great lesson and as stated humor.

NatesTrades Mar 20, 18 10:27 PM

Thanks for the lesson, NOT Mark Crooke. Don't trade Phase 1 Biotech's as they really don't matter. People buy the rumor, and sell the news since the stock is probably already pricing it in. Good strategy on pumps, to avoid buying, instead shorting pops if there are often pullbacks to previous day price levels or waiting for what may be the top based on 1st red day and shorting with risk off r/g or the daily high. Oil was a good buy in 2017. More to learn!

ZiggysMom Jun 19, 18 10:43 AM

Noting phase one is basically to make sure the product won't kill someone. Buy the rumor sell the news. Don't just pay attention to the intraday chart. Stocks at 52 week highs tend to keep going, but look at the circumstances (overextended).

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asfricksrs Dec 18, 17 10:04 PM

Thanks Tim, great webinar...good humor...great points.

arusso91 Jun 09, 18 6:29 PM

i love Tims webinars he always tells it like it is

ZiggysMom Jun 22, 18 11:12 AM

Noting gappers are potential for squeeze, good volume, new HODS, all day trends, closing near high. Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. Take notes on tickers so you know in the future what I was thinking. Midday trading is not predictable. Look for r/g on real stocks. Noting is guaranteed, but with the right indicators there is a better possibility.

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Two losing trades, I kind of feel like I'm trading how Christopher Walken would trade. Well you know, those crazy stocks with their patterns and all, where's my bottle of scotch. I took a chance at these two, one trade ANY , I usually don't trade pre-market because I usually like for clearer lines in the sand that usually occur a few minutes after opening bell. There was also news that they acquired another company and would use the same ticker, but the pre-market move around 7:30AM seemed to be the high of the day and died down the remainder of the move. The second trade, $BLDP, was also a chance that it would break above the $2.15 and it appeared to be an ascending triangle intraday, so I suspected that it would move higher, but instead long buyers took profits and once the volume left, it stuck around like wet paint near the $2 mark. I also opened a third position, chasing the selling volume, but once it reached $2, all the sellers left and took profits. Holding for close and will watch to see if people take profits, bringing the price lower prior to end of day.

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[TimAlerts] Question... for plays like $SCON and $BLDP would it make sense to place a buy limit from now?? Sorry if it sounds dumb, I'm a weak old at this |(

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