Two losing trades, I kind of feel like I'm trading how Christopher Walken would trade. Well you know, those crazy stocks with their patterns and all, where's my bottle of scotch. I took a chance at these two, one trade ANY , I usually don't trade pre-market because I usually like for clearer lines in the sand that usually occur a few minutes after opening bell. There was also news that they acquired another company and would use the same ticker, but the pre-market move around 7:30AM seemed to be the high of the day and died down the remainder of the move. The second trade, $BLDP, was also a chance that it would break above the $2.15 and it appeared to be an ascending triangle intraday, so I suspected that it would move higher, but instead long buyers took profits and once the volume left, it stuck around like wet paint near the $2 mark. I also opened a third position, chasing the selling volume, but once it reached $2, all the sellers left and took profits. Holding for close and will watch to see if people take profits, bringing the price lower prior to end of day.

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