$480 profit BLIN Long Stock

Entry comments: Speculative midday buy on this new AI contract win news https://tim.ly/2PZnnud thank you http://tim.ly/breaking for the alert, this one is nicely off its multiday highs and has run in the past so lets see if it can spike, goal is to sell in the 2.90s or low 3s, cut losses quickly if it cant go red to green on the day

Exit comments: Zzzzz, can't even go green on the day on this news, as I said in initial alert, exit if it can't do that, MAGS just had a nice midday contract win too, looks lie I chose the wrong one, but small gain and still worth a shot had it kept spiking as this one moves fast, I'll watch MAGS now that it already spiked but got halted

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Windwalzer Aug 12, 20 8:24 PM

It seems it did what you expected just later than you thought. Thank you.

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