Watchlist this week: ACRX, OHRP, RAD, MNKD, GLUU, CBI. Will also be playing some earnings. Getting back to 100% cash in trading account after big options plays this week. Current short options (mix of covered calls and cash puts) on WEN, MNKD, RAD, SRPT. Starting to ramp into more trading as volatility and money starts coming back into the market.

Zenyatta Jul 20, 14 9:27 AM

get used to watching level 2 quotes if you can get access. This is a key element in trading imo

dajaw50 Jul 20, 14 3:19 PM

I will for check that out. Question...did you subscribe to tim or any of the other guys or do you just do this on your own?

Zenyatta Jul 21, 14 8:19 PM

@dajaw50 just tim but I tend to lose on his alerts so I don't usually play them. Others seem to do well though...

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