[TimChallenge] I'm hoping for a big bounce on NVCN like CTRV after it ran up then dropped and after like 3 days spiked huge


[TimAlerts] CTRV dip bought 4000 shares on support at $1.98 on news Obama will pass a bill pushing new drugs approval.


[TimAlerts] CTRV don't think it will go under 2.14, definitely buying opportunity now before it spikes again


[TimAlerts] Looking at charts, the spikes are pretty healthy, failed spikes pre market could only mean not everyone is aware of the news on this stock yet but volume is picking so it will come out on peoples radars soon CTRV

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[TimAlerts] Any thoughts on CTRV, feel as if positive news had already been priced in hence the recent failed spikes

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[TimAlerts] Pretty much all of CTRV morning gap ups have failed lately. Youd think one of these times it will break the highs. Just be careful chasing at these levels, much better r/r buying near 2

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