Bought in on Tims alert about rumours $HIMX @10.65 will supply iphone sensors. Didn't breakout. I got out @ 10.39. Small position 100 shares. $INO had good news this morning about peer reviews and had a huge spike pre market then dipped. I felt pretty good about the rise of the dip bought 100 shares at $6.22 with the intent to hold over night if finished strong. 3:30 price dipped lower support. Got out at $6.30. I feel very confident about this trade. I made the decision myself not on alerts or wims. :) $CYCC has increasing trend all day and will finish the day really strong. I want to go in but I am going to hold my self back. Still too new to make decisions like this. But i will be following it tomorrow

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Trading Diary: April as been so slow, trying to just sit back and learn. This is the first time I've been in a trade for a whole week, YAWN, waiting for gravity to come back. $CYCC

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TimeFliesBuy Apr 12, 17 4:03 PM

Morning panic to 6.03 is common last few day, may get out if it doesn't go lower than that.

alan316 Apr 12, 17 7:26 PM

your killing me! damnit man get out! just do it! lol its at 6.00 at 7:25 pm est today.

TimeFliesBuy Apr 13, 17 1:34 AM

I have a stop order in for 6ish so it "should" get me out in the morning, we'll see.

TimeFliesBuy Apr 13, 17 10:40 AM

lol I ended up changing the limit order to 5.85 and I got it!

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asfricksrs Apr 19, 18 9:53 PM

Thanks Stephen good information and presentation. Audio was fine. Much wisdom about stocks, life, and work ethic. You are old school on these topics and that is a compliment!

Jakestocks52 Nov 17, 18 8:40 PM

"What do you look for when shorting?" asked many many times in this, always answered by "i look for momentum shift"

peeveekay Mar 05, 10:47 AM

Awesome webinar - thanks Dux. Took a ton of notes from every minute of this

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So if I make mistakes, I'm all about learning from them, I technically took my first loss on a week this week, due to a stupid trade early on with $SHIP and I immediately realized that losses like this were turning into a trend. I was telling myself it was part of my education, and it was needed to learn how to get better at going long. I'm glad I woke up because the losses were starting to add up. The attached picture is going on my board and will be an integral part of how I approach going long in the future. Fortunately I'm up $300 thanks to the China Sector going bonkers today and wins on HTGM and DFFN which got close to me breaking even but I'm still holding short on $CCCL and on $CYCC 's rediculous rise Thursday.

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MiaPlateau Apr 06, 8:38 PM

• Multi day dip pattern; buy ideally afternoon strength when it breaks intraday and possible 2 or 3 day high from its recent range after 30% To 50% Dip.

axlk Apr 08, 11:44 AM

Thanks Tim. I like these multi day runners buying them on a dip

KStanger Apr 16, 2:20 AM


emcnulty Apr 26, 5:24 PM

I like multi-day dips

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@timothysykes Tim, I could have made 7000 Dollars today. I bought 7000 $ADPT @1.09 and It went to 1.35 but I sold out at 1.04 because I got scared. I bought 1400 $CYCC @8.44 and it went to $10+ but I got scared and sold out at $8.6. I bought DFFN at 2000 $4.10 but it went to $4.35 but I got scared and sold out at $3.99. In total, I could have made over 7000 Dollars. My brain tells me its the right deal but I get really scared after watching the level 2 data constantly and I end up losing. What can I do about this Tim? My execution judgment is so poor.

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