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Lx888 May 31, 17 8:40 AM

CYTR, It was on my watch list when it supernova last time. Straight out from penny stocking part duex. I bought, sold, re-bought and sold. Making $10 and $17 each trade. I could've hold but I trade cowardly and trying to create good habits. Even though commission eaten my profits I still walk away $3. LOL. I'm super happy I witness these plays, learning and building my knowledge account. Leaning how to trade is FN tuff! Thank you, TIM!

GUAMillionaire May 31, 17 1:02 PM

Small green day on XTNT. 750 shares in 0.69 out 0.73. Good entry, junky exit, learned a couple lessons on execution. But, every little win helps for my small account. Thanks for everything, Tim!!!

DNextJr May 31, 17 6:09 PM

I had LINU @ 41 the day before, before anything cause i thought it was going to spike that day and then sold it for a a sent or two more to get rid of it cause it wasn't moving and man what a mistake!!!... I'm learning, Thanks @timothysykes Also I wanna add that i work 12 Hours a day 5 Days a Week! AND! I made an extra $100 today on a bathroom break and sold it on lunch break @noon # :D

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