Paper trade of $CYTR- 7500 shares. Stock was below $1. Used the first day high as an indicator. Bought in four times to increase position size. That was a bit excessive though. Used 15 min estimated average to guide me in the trend. Waited for a break out past the established day high. $180 profit. Cha Ching Corresponding video: 7 mins long Took profits before it had a pull back. In the pics below you can see the break out over the day high, the climb and the pull back. For anyone doubting their abilities out there in terms of studying ( which I often do) I present you with this video. Learning is not fixed, it is based on effort. Another Video from Angela Lee Duckworth on What is Grit:

RC0002653 Jul 31, 17 4:14 PM

Why did the stock jump up on the 28th July? I can't find any indicators that suggested it would jump up, and with it's volume dropping the day before I would have thought it would tank instead. Can someone teach me what am I missing at?

LizLele Aug 01, 17 2:03 AM

Why was CYTR jumping on July 28? Sometimes there aren't any indicators. I'm not sure tho.

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