Today I lost the only trade I made MO/intraday but I couldn't be more proud of myself. :D I tried my best to follow advices given to me so I kept the list simple and my focus narrow. Of the top few potential Dumps, RETC fell the first and hardest. I tried to dip buy it half way down at signs of changing trend but it changed back very fast. By some miracle I kept my composure when I saw the lvl1 action, bought to cover really fast, 0.02c lower. I kept the thesis intact and continued to wait until a more clear bottom. Once it bottomed I bought some and sold 2hrs later into The Crow pattern few cents lower again. Today I also started using IB paper trading platform so I am making technical advances aswell. I put in a paper short of $CYTR @ $0.86 to give overnight tactics a try, the stock should follow its previous after spike pattern and gap down nicely. All in all, 5% loss today but I'll take it as a false negative :P

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