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RPhTrader Oct 07, 19 8:58 PM

Thanks Tim! Watching your videos really puts the charts together for me in terms of trades. I also appreciate how you go over the simple things about the website that newbies wouldn't figure out on their own.

Grimes Oct 13, 19 8:36 AM

Good stuff

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Yonder Jan 26, 12:04 PM

Thank you Tim. You're thought processes are extremely helpful to a newbie like me that's still trying to calibrate my crosshairs.

CosmoBhatt Jan 27, 4:07 PM

Week 2 of PSS (Penny Stocking Silver) and studying patterns and video lessons.

CamDole Jan 31, 10:36 PM

Lol of course it is better.

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JessMarg70 Jan 02, 7:50 PM

Love it Tim keep sharing everything the more the better I learn

Yonder Feb 01, 8:48 PM

Tim, you make these comments that comes across as off handed remarks but they're always such "Aha!" moments for me. For example, when key round numbers don't convincingly break, it's usually safe to assume that there aren't any stop losses and the panic may have bottomed out. Something I wouldn't have thought of (at least not for a long while), but makes so much sense when heard.

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