@PaulDelgado i black listed you you have no idea what your are talking about you pump $DCTH all day yesterday then had ? on it your just one that has to say BS every minute i bet your mommy had to break feed you to also saying you short stock under a dollar on Etrdae my point is your full of shit

PaulDelgado Aug 18, 17 8:04 PM

I actually read Ambers question wrong thinking she meant sell executions and I havent shorted $DCTH once, I wish I did today. I was stating the obvious on $DCTH as far as the way the chart was moving, its not my fault you aren't READING THE CHARTS the same way, mayne I can show you what I am seeing because Im seeing it right just not executing as fast. Listen man, I acknowledge that you may be feeling some type of way and if I had offended you my apologies however I need an apology for what you

PaulDelgado Aug 18, 17 8:15 PM

i see you have generated quite well. Maybe I can get some pointers from you as I am still learning. I need that apology however.

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