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psk2329 May 18, 10:41 PM

This webinar is a meat sandwich. So much great info to takeaway. Tim probably doesn't even realize it but everything out of his mouth is gold. His verbal thinking is providing so much great insight for me. Will probably watch a couple more times. Great job.

1Latinatrader May 21, 2:41 PM

The first time live I learned a lot and now watching the replay I learned even more. Thank you Tim!!

STicker May 25, 2:23 AM

Trank, another great one!

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Madbash Feb 07, 4:33 PM

Thx Tim. I'm liking the profit.ly app. Perfect for downtime @ the job.

Realmadridpete Feb 07, 7:08 PM

Hi Tim. Thanks for everything. I'm very new and I am trying to watch and learn as much as possible. You wrote " I'd love to short them into excessive spiking", and I would love to know which video or article talks about that in more depth?

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tbohen Feb 05, 8:33 AM

Oh and FYI, I'll pick the winner on Friday, 2/10/2017 Thanks!

tbohen Feb 13, 8:29 AM

@kylecw2 email me at tbohen@stockstotrade.com you won the book :)

olsko Jun 18, 7:45 PM

Very long but good webinar; showing features of STT and upcoming potential features!; Appreciate the trade plan of ‘building a case’ on a ticker; reevaluating the trade plan in the premarket before open; Took soo many notes; appreciate the honest feedback and abilities to support; Good commentary on tickers; $HMNY, $ETRM, PULM, CVEO, $DRYS, $INFI and breakdown on Oracle.

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Juanfriesen Feb 02, 7:54 AM

Great example Tim, God bless you.

Growth4me Feb 02, 9:51 AM

Took a 5 minute ride on PULM from 4.19 to 4.65 for $55 just before going to work! Woohoo!!

darian_flores2 Feb 02, 11:16 AM

Pulm exploded like a rocket ship brother, good call

Radioman Feb 02, 11:33 AM

Thanks, Tim for teaching. I appreciate your generosity through your charity. I am aiming to do the same--to provide education to those who are in need. But right now, I'll just keep on studying.

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