Please retweet this and remember it always http://tim.ly/2nIPmSm fundamentals mean shit with momentum stocks, whether it's IDXG $ETRM $DRYS now HTGM so many fundamental shorts have blown up or risked blowing up, learn from their mistakes, you can't just short and keep adding

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Madbash Feb 07, 4:33 PM

Thx Tim. I'm liking the profit.ly app. Perfect for downtime @ the job.

Realmadridpete Feb 07, 7:08 PM

Hi Tim. Thanks for everything. I'm very new and I am trying to watch and learn as much as possible. You wrote " I'd love to short them into excessive spiking", and I would love to know which video or article talks about that in more depth?

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Juanfriesen Feb 02, 7:54 AM

Great example Tim, God bless you.

Growth4me Feb 02, 9:51 AM

Took a 5 minute ride on PULM from 4.19 to 4.65 for $55 just before going to work! Woohoo!!

darian_flores2 Feb 02, 11:16 AM

Pulm exploded like a rocket ship brother, good call

Radioman Feb 02, 11:33 AM

Thanks, Tim for teaching. I appreciate your generosity through your charity. I am aiming to do the same--to provide education to those who are in need. But right now, I'll just keep on studying.

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Bought 400 $DRYS @ $4.95 and sold on a further slide @ $4.68, $125 loss. My theory of a bounce was on track but I was not prepared to take a chance as it hit the $4.58 and bounced to $5.20 therefore I would have made a profit. I tried to short after it hit the $5,20 area but no shares available. walked away missing the PULM run.

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$DRYS solid $1/share drop from my short, congrats to everyone, great profits and/or learning experience

Pedram Feb 01, 12:18 PM

I got destroyed on that :/ in at 6.05, reached 6.38.... got up to get coffee and BAM! ...

Pedram Feb 01, 12:20 PM

cut losses at 5... way too late. lesson learned. but could have been worse

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($38) loss DRYS Short Stock

Entry comments: Shorted the fast fade in DRYS off the morning high with my small Etrade account, just wanted to see if they had shares to short, goal is to make 50-75 cent/share of downside

Exit comments: Not collapsing like I thought it might, rule #1 cut losses quickly, especially on fast moving stock and small Etrade account, protect, protect, protect...OSTK looking better though so I'll focus on that

humblegains Feb 01, 10:19 AM

Great lesson and rule to live by! Thanks.

bigman Feb 01, 8:05 PM

You weren't wrong. Just early.

Cthegreat1 Feb 07, 11:51 PM

I thought you would short this today. Or maybe tomorrow. Thanks for your lessons. I am 100 trading in the green this year!

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