Received 5 Karmas
EDawg34 May 26, 23 11:36 AM

Thank you Tim!

Kekoa777Trader May 26, 23 7:14 PM

I made huge mistakes on a lot of these. I could’ve been up $50-60 on my small (what was) $1,200 account but am down $57. Here’s the deal: The mistake wasn’t holding and hoping. The mistake was I placed trades I knew I couldn’t get out of. I had used 2 of my 3 day trades and made small profits on them. Then I got greedy and placed three more trades, got out of one (3rd day trade), then lost quite a bit on the others. STUPID! Bottom line: Don’t make trades you can’t get out of.

BabyBoomerTrades May 29, 23 4:14 AM

The craze is still in the AI sector we will see what Tuesday brings with a new Fed budget agreed to

001CP Jul 30, 23 11:54 AM

Thanks Tim

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