[TimAlerts] Made a $700 profit on $ENS today using a strategy i learned at the summit this week :D


[TimAlerts] shorted $ENS $62.24 covered $61.33 that swung fast then again $61.73 covered $61.23 only mention it because $61.23 was the bounce on the chart and I nailed it for the reversal only 50 and 200 shares didn't want to risk the wins from the day on a idle hands play


[TimAlerts] Bought $ENS after watching bullsonwallstreet this weekend. Stop loss at bottom of third 5-minute candle candle


[TimAlerts] BREAKING: Shares of EnerSys halted after spiking 11.3% on DJ report that Johnson Controls is in early stage talks to buy the company. • $ENS

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