Byron Feb 16, 17 7:26 PM

Nice one!

olsko Jun 19, 17 7:01 PM

Tickers; BOHEN; all pushing to new highs and BOHEN is not in those opportunities; thanks for your sacrifice on tickers; $TTMI, $ARRY, AQMS, $EXEL; Of course took lots of sound notes and appreciating your honest commentary;

LizLele Aug 03, 19 11:06 AM

Good Song in the beginning : Sam Hunt : Body Like a Back Road. Paused the video just so I can just listen to the song on youtube lol. The song sounds MUCH better at 1.5 speed. Anyway, Thanks Bohen!

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[TimChallenge] hello challenge : any idea of lawsuit withdrawal as catalyst ? $EXEL with possible multiple year b/o 18.25


[TimChallenge] I think $EXEL is an example of what Mark was saying in the webinar to identify former resistance in the daily chart ($15.60) which will act as support for today's intraday chart. It had a slow grind up all day starting with higher lows in the morning


[TimChallenge] i wouldnt say there's a lot more downside to $EXEL from here as former breakout level $11.70ish already acted as strong support yesterday. considering its made a 30% drop in 2 days, which is huge for a multi-billion $ company, it probably slows right down and stabilizes around that former breakout level before deciding where to go next.


[TimChallenge] $EXEL being shorting all week if it does not crack today I will take my profits, $EXAS expecting a morning panic, then upward trend for the rest of day


[TimAlerts] Hard to manage risk on plays like $EXEL, the reward is nice, but it's really all luck cause if you lose you can lose a lot very fast. So tempting to chase long or short, but I've learned from my mistakes. Protect protect protect. But I still think it touches VWAP again, especially if it keeps making lower highs.

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