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Flockstock Jan 19, 19 12:55 PM

Trade analysis, high volume, news. You must analyze everything, gap up, don't short float rotation... risk/reward, calculated risk, offerings, dilution, reverse splits, don't overnight with financing risk

Emanuel85 Jan 19, 19 3:30 PM

great webinar as always.thanks a lot Tim!

MaiTai Jan 20, 19 3:34 PM

Thanks for the review

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$249 profit FNMA Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought today's big runner off its highs, goal is to make 15-30 cents/share, nothing huge, but good risk/reward

Exit comments: Out for small gain, weak bounce, might have another leg down or even two before the bottom, breakout level is down at 2.06 so that's my ideal re-entry

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Chrisccc Jan 19, 19 9:31 AM

Tim I'm a new challenge student and I appreciate everything you do. It is helping me learn faster than i ever could by myself.

ruly84 Jan 20, 19 9:27 PM

Tim I think FNMA could go up after the conservatorship break with the government. Please could you please share your opinion with all of us ??? thanks in advance

wingwaxerci Jan 21, 19 7:23 PM

I saw your chart on this trade so I am watching FNMA, if they get out of conservatorship could be my first Trade. Just joined the Chalange the middle of last week. Is Ford worth watching, I was surprised how low their stock is priced

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axlk Apr 09, 19 5:53 AM

Thanks Mark

JonathanIParra Sep 02, 19 7:12 PM

thanks mark keep it simple , wait until the stock proves itself and short on the first red day and when you see the price cracking key indicators thats when you wanna get in overall nice mark

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LHowell Nov 03, 18 1:09 PM

Starting to also hear your voice as well as Sykes when I think through trade ideas and market watch...thanks Tim!

LizLele May 05, 19 11:34 PM

Thanks Tim! Wow Dux was up at 4am in Hawaii tuning into this. Love his level of dedication. That's what we all need.

2grasleys Nov 07, 19 12:34 PM

Thanks Tim, Great Webinar!!

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