Received 14 Karmas
Debmeb Jan 22, 18 8:44 AM

Thanks Tim. Patience is a virtue(so they say😆). Have a great week!

DeanHiser Jan 22, 18 9:24 AM

Thank you tim and thank you for the lesson on KSHB.

hale6701 Jan 22, 18 9:48 PM

Hi Tim So learning everyday. Read an article regarding a BlockChain called TraDove. This sounds like they are pumping it up. How do I go about doing the research to see if this is a stock withkout revenue, resources, etc... that the promoters want to unload? Pump and dump style... I apologize in advance if the instructions are in one of the videos. Although I listen to many videos a day I have not come across the answer to that question yet. Thank you in advance. Nancy

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