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Windwalzer Mar 16, 8:40 PM

Thank you Mark Croock. It's interesting to study this webinar a month after, especially with all the halts this last week or so. Wow, how things can change in an instant. I had my charts open to see how it looked and how it played off till today. Unfortunately, it only shows the 15 minute candles, I could still find the dollar amount you were talking about. Again better understanding of the multi day, week, month, finally. Thank you for all you do. Be safe and healthy, you and your family.

BBaccSoon Sep 15, 8:18 AM

I always take something away from Mark's webinars.

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ZiggysMom Apr 30, 18 12:09 PM

Noting that if the play doesn't have good volatility don't play it, If you aren't there when the best entry hits then don't chase or play it, All time lows equals bag holders everywhere, not ideal.

MKanju May 31, 18 1:39 PM

thanks Mark!!!

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