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MDM Feb 21, 11:05 PM

Has anyone had this happen??? I recieved an email from TD Ameritrade about day trading Finra regulations subjects my account to increase equity requirements to maintain a minimum of 25,000 in equity on day trading, if anyone can help .

charlieandrys Feb 22, 3:08 PM

@MDM Due to the PDT rule, you can only day trade 3 times during Monday-Friday... unless you have $25,000+ in your brokerage account. Do not exceed the 3 times a week or else they will ban you from trading for like 90 days. Happened to me.

MDM Feb 22, 3:29 PM

@charlieandrys oh ok, thanks alot , I was over trading...A big No No in Tim's book. Well I'm a newbie and didnt listen, that's what I get, was losing money anyway. Thanks again Charlieandrys , I'm learning.....

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poohl7 Dec 18, 19 8:48 PM

in this lesson I've learned not to long break outs on intraday levels but to long break outs on a multi day or preferably on a weekly/monthly level.

poohl7 Dec 18, 19 8:51 PM

it just works better that way. ive also understood that if you long intraday you need to long from a base and not the high of day nor on the break out. high of day and break out on intraday levels are where ppl will be exit there trades and those trades will most likely get stuffed. and not work

poohl7 Dec 18, 19 8:54 PM

when i say bass i mean low of day and exit points should be break out and high of day points and for your question sykes i believe you should stick to what you have been down from the jump but if you want to try something new, you should first study it and learn proper entry and exit points. know the criteria of the strategy first. but if something is already working then let it work

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ZiggysMom Apr 30, 18 12:09 PM

Noting that if the play doesn't have good volatility don't play it, If you aren't there when the best entry hits then don't chase or play it, All time lows equals bag holders everywhere, not ideal.

MKanju May 31, 18 1:39 PM

thanks Mark!!!

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