$540 profit GSIT Long Stock

Entry comments: I'm buying this solid all day runner on news of their new AI technology https://tim.ly/3vJcuov and now its breaking morning highs in the 4.60s so lets see how far this can go, goal is to sell in the low to mid 5s

Exit comments: I tried t be patient but it moves so slow and it looks to have lots of big sellers at 5 so I'll exit with safe but small profits...potential re-buy if it can convincingly break above 5

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traderKhetz Apr 02, 1:54 PM

Thanks Tim for the alert! I got IN 4.98/OUT 5.05, 1K shares.

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DDT May 23, 23 12:59 AM

Thanks Mark.

yessir May 27, 23 10:12 AM

thanks Mark reminded me to always look at multirunners with catalysts and volume. also I have to do some digging to know who is pumping

RobertRiggs Jun 03, 23 2:31 AM

Failed one day spikers will crash. Multiday runners dip buying you can get super aggressive on. These are the best risk/rewards trades. Thanks for the Webinar Mark.

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$5,550 profit GSIT Long Stock

Entry comments: I rebought this breakout play since it has intraday support at 6.70ish so that's my risk, going a bit bigger over the weekend since a newsletter compared this tiny company to NVDA so that story should have legs for probable gap up/morning spike, goal is to make 30-50 cents/share, all I want are the low 7s next week

Exit comments: PERFECt morning spike, very nice, taking solid profits

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Slayer Feb 21, 17 1:40 PM

Way to go.

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$1,307 profit GSIT Long Stock

Entry comments: This stock is breaking out of multi-month base, just got compared to NVDA, that's a stretch but chart/price action is solid and market is hot for runners on a Friday so I'll be aggressive here, goal is to make 50-75 cent/share

Exit comments: Got a solid breakout over previous highs, but now volume is slowing and its midday so I'll be more cautious here and lock in profits, potential re-buy on any dip/into the market close but safety, safety, safety, thanks to http://stockstotrade.com scanner for this one

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humblegains Feb 17, 17 10:26 AM

Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

hothordas7 Feb 17, 17 10:30 AM

I am using stocks to trade also but never saw this come up on my scanner. Which one did you use Tim?

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